Here you find buzzer buttons with and without USB connection, buzzers with light and sound, switches without electronics and whole quiz systems with light and sound.
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USB-Buzzer kontaktlos New: Contactless USB Buzzer
The safe alternative in corona times.
Contact free sensor recoginzes hand approximation and sends the pre-programmed key stroke over USB to PC and Mac.
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Contactless Buzzer Column "Steel" USB
830.00 CHF
Shippingtime: approx. 1 Week
MP3 Sound Module with Motion Sensor
58.00 CHF
Shippingtime: on request
Soundmodul MP3
48.00 CHF
Shippingtime: ca. 1-3 days
Manual Air Horn
8.50 CHF
Shippingtime: ca. 1-3 days